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New House, new Wifi required

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hey guys,

so we finally moved from the small flat into our new house. 250sqm over 3 floors with thick concrete walls between the rooms and floors. currently running 1x RT-AC86U on latest merlin, which is the leftover device from the small flat we were in before. worked well there. in the new house not so much. its installed on the ground level floor currently. wifi there is reasonable but gets very weak on second floor and drops off completely on third floor. now im looking to upgrade the setup.

all rooms have LAN ports installed. I dont need to setup a mesh. all routers/APs can be connected via cat7. generally I want a clean signal on all floors in all rooms, but especially in the office and the living/kitchen area of course and the garden area which spreads approx 100sqm outdoors.

please name exact device names and or models I can research. budget is not an issue, but I would like to minmax the setup.

looking forward for some inspiration!

yes you told me to post here, thats what I did
I asked you to look at the many threads already available for equipment ideas. No one here knows what will work well in your environment - country, local regulations, specific building, backyard, equipment availability, etc. Questions about entire new home system come quite often and there is no universal solution good for everyone and everywhere. A project like this needs more than a short description and few questions. If you feel your knowledge isn't enough to build the system yourself - you have to call someone who knows, show them what you already have and tell them what do you need.

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