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Hi, I am currently on a 60/8 FTTC line and have been using cake qos for both upload and download for the past 6 months. I am upgrading to a 500/75 FTTP and understand that cake is best used under 250. My plan was to therefore only use cake on the upload side of things as there are multiple people in the house and I don’t want any one person hogging the connection. I also have a NAS that I use for bit torrent and other downloads that runs 24/7. I am aware that I can limit the rate of the nas manually so that it doesn’t consume the entire bandwidth but would like to know if there is a more optimal setup to my situation. I have an ASUS ac86u. I tried testing flexqos today but it didn’t seem to help at all and when gaming with a saturated upload, the ping was all over the place so not sure if I set it up properly. Ideally I’d like to be able to have fair use of both download and upload to all devices. Apologies for the long post and if with 500 down I will even need to worry about such thing?



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Cake QoS is incompatible with NAT acceleration (both Runner and Flow Cache) and your router will be limited to about 350Mbps WAN-LAN traffic. If you need QoS on >350Mbps Internet line, you have to use Adaptive QoS.

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