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New life and firmware for LG N2R1 ... ?


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Hellllo folks! :)

I just found old NAS home server - LG N2R1 and luckily (or not) it looks like even working. Firmware is from 2009 and looks like its never been even updated.

So, tell me what i can do to upgrade it to work better todays needs, or is it even possible? This firmware from 2009 looked suprisingly "modern", but im not very familiar these kinds of servers. What firmware (or OS?) to use and what other tricks, websites etc etc. u can recommend...? Is it possible to use FreeNAS or some other modern OS and which one should give best results?

Point is to make it usefull for NAS purposes, easy or not. Or maybe even some other purpose...? Its just hobby i think, even educating... ;)



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