new model GT-AX6000 presale on China site

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New Around Here
China's online mall has opened a presale of Asus new model GT-AX6000, which has two 2.5Gb configurable ports for LAN/WAN. It also has four additional 1Gb LAN ports. Traditional ROG features like AURA RGB and GameFirst are also supported. Presale price is 2499 CNY (about 390 USD).

The promotion says GT-AX6000 use "Broadcom 16nm Quad-core 2.0GHz SoC", maybe BCM4912. According to early sources on WikiDevi, the model number GT-AX6000 was formly a Qualcomm IPQ807x scheme (same specs with RT-AX89X but different shape design). We don't know if Asus has really canceled their Qualcomm-based premium product lines.


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