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New NAS build, so many questions!

Discussion in 'DIY' started by SedoSan, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. SedoSan

    SedoSan Occasional Visitor

    Oct 17, 2012
    Hello all,

    I'm almost running out of space on my old 4TB 2bay NAS which I discovered later that it is a very low end one (in performance at least). And all my PC HDDs and external HDDs are also running out of space (so around 6+ TB of space) and I need to expand.

    I've been looking into synology products and other companies but I felt that their products are kinda expensive~

    First of all, I wanna make a temporary NAS to hold my stuff + extra space, because i'm planning to get a high-end NAS in 2-4 years time. So I'd say I want something with 800-1100$ range.

    I found so many options to choose from to build a NAS, from raid cards to different chassis. I got lots of questions I wanna ask before building a NAS.

    1. would it be more beneficial (money-wise) to make my own NAS or buy a ready made one? (The Synology 1812+ looked perfect but I thought maybe I can build a better one for the cost? beside when I get my high-end NAS in the future I want to add this temporary one to it as an expansion so i'm not losing anything)
    2. I looked into multiple chassis and decided on getting an 8 bay one and I saw a good and cheap 2U rackmount though some reviews showed that some CPU coolers and raid cards won't fit in a 2U rack, so what recommendations of cooler/cards are good and can fit?
    3. What is the relation between the CPU and the raid card processor? If I get a very good raid card, am I free to cheap out on the CPU? (planning to do raid5 and I know it needs lots of calculations so~)
    4. as for the motherboard, any certain things I need to consider? I already have an intel 4xGB NIC so I want to use it to improve the transfer rate, so would I need to get a better CPU? also for the memory, I hear a lot of ECC memory, do I need to invest on these? I'm using the NAS mainly to store my stuff (no web applications or anything else, maybe a little FTP)
    5. There are lots of stuff about raid card that I don't understand, since I choose the 8bay case, I'm assuming i'll get a raid card that has 2x8087 cable, though MANY cards have an external as well, and they mention these external can support up to 100+ drives, how does this actually work? and are the internal ones, the 8087 limited to only 4 HDDs per?
    6. This got me confused a lot, why are there some RAID card with external SAS? what possible things can be connected to this port? I'm interested about this. Also how are they connected? I tried looking for links or videos about the external ports and how they are connected but there weren't any helpful results.

    I probably have more questions but these are the main ones that are on top of my head now~
    Any help or tips i'll get will be much appreciated!

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  2. SedoSan

    SedoSan Occasional Visitor

    Oct 17, 2012

    I've done it and bought the LSI-9261-8i with BBU unit and thought I'd just store the HDDs in my HAF X since I have the place for it until I get my new NAS...

    I do still have some questions though if anyone in this forum is experienced enough.

    First of all, i'm planning to get a 3TB WD RED, is it the right way to go? My friend already gave me a great offer on his used 3TB WD RED so I took it and started filling it up. I'm planning to get 2 more HDDs and make a RAID5 setup.
    If I do so, will I still keep the data on the first HDD? or do I have to do a complete wipe?

    Also if I only get 2 HDDs and set them on raid0, then get a 3rd and migrate it to raid5, is it possible? also do I need to do a complete wipe?
  3. thiggins

    thiggins Mr. Easy Staff Member

    May 18, 2008
    WD Reds should be fine. They are designed for NAS use.

    Re RAID 0 to 5 migration, check your NAS manual. That migration may not be supported.

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