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NEW 'PROMISE' DLNA PLUGIN - v1.01.0000.06

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New Around Here
I have been given approval by the Promise R&D team, via the New Zealand distributor of Promise products, to make publically available the latest DLNA plugin. At the time of writing, this release is NOT yet available on the Promise website - the latest one they have posted is v1.01.0000.05 .

Please follow the following proceedure:
- Disable current DLNA plugin you are using.
- Uninstall current DLNA plugin.
- Restart Promise SmartStor NAS device.
- Install this new DLNA plugin (v1.01.0000.06).
- Enable the plugin.

Please allow at least 6 hours for the initial indexing process to complete. Enjoy.

To see my full investigation into this issue, please check out the following thread, on the official PS3 Forums:

(As I am payng for the hosting of this plugin, I will remove it should my traffic cap exceed).

Is there any chance that Promise will allow this to be used by customers with the Edge10 Edgestore NAS400 version of their product?

The current official DLNA plugin does not support Xbox 360 which is really annoying.
Ok... it's been 8 months since I updated this thread, so I thought it was about time I did.

As of todays date:
- Latest firmware for the NS2300N & NS4300N Promise NAS boxes is v01.05.0000.12. This latest firmware is available from the Promise website.
- The best DLNA plugin to use is Build 8 (v1.01.0000.08) which is NOT available from the Promise website as it's deemed to be a BETA.

I am aware that a Build 9 DLNA plugin is also "circulating", however reports indicate that it is not as good as Build 8. As Promise have refused to release this Build 8 to the public and as Build 9 is a waste of time, it's still available here:

DLNA Plugin v1.01.0000.08

Release Notes for v1.01.0000.08

I am currently running DLNA plugin Build 8 together with this latest firmware (v01.05.0000.12) and they appear t be working well together.


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