New router 2021 advice 1gb/s (+Wireless, +TV support) optional features

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Hello All! I am looking for a new router that will cover the following needs:

Internet - 1gb/s incoming by LAN cable but optionaly will be upgraded to optical cable. (bear with me)..

Must have: or strongly desirable -
1. Wireless - would like to have Wi-Fi 6E.
2. At least 6 LAN ports.
3. Extreme security - highest possible level, will be strong preference. Fully supported device with regular firmware/software update.
4. Should be able to pass through TV signal...
5. Will be veryy nice to have optical port and "regular" lan port, and modem style coaxial connection for the incoming internet.. (so all of the 3 if that is possible at all...)

Will be attached to - 3 wireless devices, 2 PC, 15~ Iot's , and Pi4B. :) 2 VPN connections will be needed too...

Can you please give an advice what is the closest possible solution? Budget is high, as soon as i can get all what i need...Thanks in advance to all!



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You will not find that perfect all in one. A few points:
1. 6E is new and will be expensive and unstable for a while. Better wait a year or two depending on your stability preferences.
2. Get a switch to get more than 4 LAN ports. Gigabit switches are cheap and good. 8 port 2.5GBASE-T switches are also finally getting affordable
3. For security and regularly updates you might want to go with business lines like Edgerouter. Another option is to look for the most popular routers supported by OpenWRT (or equivalent)
5. The best ONT (optical network terminal) varies by ISP and time. Compatibility between the user ONT and the ISP-side is tricky.

For the VPN the Pi4B running Wireguard will be fast enough. I have see reports of ~800Mbps rates. In my own tests a Pi2B can sustain ~80Mbps.


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Thanks Tucu, i was looking at: Synology, Draytek and Peperlink, but they dont have so much extras and are old school now... Thank a lot for your input!


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If you are in Europe, the AVM Fritz!Box are popular in SOHOs setups due to their long term firmware updates.
Their latest fibre router (5530 Fiber) comes with SPF+ on the WAN port so it supports 3 fibre techs: AON, GPON and XGS-PON . On the LAN side it has a 2.5GBASE-T port (plus 2 gigabit ports) and a simple WiFi-6 setup (2x2). Combined with switches and new APs it could support a SOHO setup for the next 5 or 10 years.
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