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Hi guys,

I've had a netgear r9000 running Voxel firmware for a while now, last night the router decided to factory reset itself and took a while to fix as it kept resetting. I've decided to retire the r9000 and buy a new router, I've been looking at tp-link ax6000 and ax11000, can anyone recommend a good router, ideally should have 6 lan ports and support LAG to connect to NAS. I don't do any gaming only streaming, downloading and browsing. My broadband is 350 Meg with virgin.

Many thanks


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I would stick with the asus routers only because of firmware updates. But others may have good luck with TPLink.

It's interesting and sad how without Voxel firmware I also would not use Netgear.

I know many popular asus ones here do not have 6 Lan ports.

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Just plug a switch into it if you need more ports. If you need LAG then a managed switch will provide that. If you need higher bandwidth then get a router that has the same speed as the switch for uplink.


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Amazon UK:


Get a switch for extra ports.

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