Release New RT-AC86U firmware


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New RT-AC86U firmware

- Release Note -
Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

1. Fixed Let’s Encrypt not working properly.
2. Added IPTV supports for specific region.
3. Fixed Parental Control issues.

Hi, I accidentally found this release from the Firmware Upgrade GUI for both my RT-AC86U AiMesh Nodes.

I was struggling with 2.4GHz Band degrading from 3 streams to 1 stream on my RT-AC86U AiMesh Nodes running either Stock Beta RT-AC86U or Merlin RT-AC86 386.2. So I decided to downgrade it to official Stock Release RT-AC86U_3.0.0.4_386_40451-g30f1b6c to see if I get back my 2.4GHz Band stability for both my AiMesh Nodes.

After Upgrading, I saw the yellow exclamation mark indicating availablility of new stock Firmware :)

Edit: I recalled that this firmware was released sometime back, but, shortly after that disappeared from the official download site.
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i see it in gui.

isit the fixed version built off the beta version?

this isnt listed for me on the asus site.


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hmmmm, wonder why not many folks have commented, is there an issue?


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still not showing on asus's website. why release the same firmware when there's a beta that's already two month old with all the security patches ? the notes are the same as the old patch, does that mean it doesn't include all the beta's fixes ? i'm confused :oops:

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