New TP-LINK AX73 Router

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Just released in Canada this week and available internationally but I don't see it listed in the US yet.

AX5400, pretty much all the same chipsets as the ASUS RT-AX82U and the Netgear RAX50. It does have 6 antennas, 4 for 5ghz and 2 for the 2.4ghz bands

I'm using it as an AP, replacing a TPLINK C3150v2. Nice and stable, great 5ghz coverage, maybe a bit better than the RAX50 I also have. No problem pushing 100GB Acronis PC backups across to a backup PC while handling other web traffic at the same time.

Best of all it's now only $229 CDN at most retailers here, including That's $183 USD, super good price for this class, about $120 cheaper than the others.

Having that other TP-LINK, I already know firmware updates will be few if any but I'm good with this one. This one sits behind an R7800 main router, and the RAX50 sits behind an RT-AC86U on a different internet link so I'm well diversified. (even a bunch of DLINK switches in both these networks too).

(Just noticed the link expands with an additional caption about tri-band, it's not, it's a dual band like the link title says.)
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rock solid, AC and AX devices plus that new Chromecast for Google TV streaming from it. Thermals appear normal by touch, all good.

As with all TPLINK stuff, they tend to not update firmware all that often. It's still on it's initial release. I knew that going in but I'm ok with it. I do have this one as an AP behind an R7800.


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And if you hadn't noticed, they do have an emulator on their support page for it, so you can take it for spin ...



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No complaints, the AX73 has never gone down or needed a reboot since (2 months). My wife is connected to it all day hosting an online kindergarten class via 5GHZ (we're still in COVID lock down around here with closed schools). Wifi coverage wise, it's a wash between the AX73 and A86U, I can get a similar connection and throughput to either anywhere in the house.


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In my country Vietnam, it only costs you 84 USD to buy AX73. However, I decided to buy AX58U instead (nearly double the price) due to the functions of ASUS Merlin firmware. VPN (OpenVPN),routing policy rule, Double WAN, etc :)

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