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New TPLINK routers C2300 V2, GX90, AX90

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Just hit the FCC within the past few weeks


C2300V2 is C2300 replacement.

BCM4906 1.8ghz 64 bit dual core A53 > MT7621AT 880mhz MIPS dual core (downgrade)

Broadcom BCM4365E (3x3 wave 2) > MT7615N (4x4 wave 2) Upgrade or downgrade depending how you look at it, generally id argue that the 4x4 radio is better, but.. Mediatek is usually a cheaper alternative.. this specific radio can perform exceptionally WELL in range though.)

2.4ghz is BCM4360>MT7615N (upgrade; likely better internal performance)

Radios seems to be configured for 4 antennas meaning its potentially 1773 + 600. Previous C2300 was configured as 1625 (nitroqam) + 600. (really a 1300 + 600 for most purposes) The radios technically offer better range on this v2 model regardless of the clients your feeding assuming there's no incompatibility.

GX90 seems like a budget "tri-band" solution targeted at Gamers.

Main CPU is a BCM6755 1.5GHZ quadcore A7. This is decent relative to stuff not A53 broadcom, but I'd assume 2 cores are dedicated to the radio portion of the SoC since this chip can do 2x2 + 2x2 side by side. In reality, this chip may be a dual core + 2 cores dedicated to radios based on how previous Broadcom hardware works. I'm not exactly sure, just basing my observations on what I see and comparatively to the BCM6750 which is a tri core design with 1 dedicated 2x2 feed. BCM43684 has an 1.5ghz internal CPU according to ARRIS marketing.

Has a dedicated switch chip since BCM6755 doesn't apparently have an integrated one like BCM6750.

Main AX chip is the popular BCM43684. I assume this works as a full 4x4 design... meaning this is a 600 2.4ghz (2x2) + 1200 5ghz (2x2) + 4800 5ghz (4x4) router to get 6600 rating.


The Ax90 looks like it shares the same hardware. Not sure why they needed to waste money on ID/PCB for this model but i guess there's "reasons". Id personally stick to one PCB to save cost, but I digress.

tl;dr the c2300 v2 is an upgrade or downgrade depending on how you look at it. I'd argue for most consumers, its likely an upgrade just due to the 4x4 hardware having respectable performance in other designs. CPU is certainly worse on all fronts.

GX90 likely has a gamer tax. Prob performs similarly to AX90.
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TP-Link AX90 router
That’s a whole lot of antennas
All dedicated I guess. 4x4 (4) + 2x2 (2) + 2x2 (2). TPLINK seems to be doing that more often now. AX6000 has 8 antennas, but only two radios.. 4x4 (4) + 4x4 (4)

Not sure if this is just for marketing purposes or if there is a legitimate advantage splitting up the antennas.

They started doing this on their earlier tri band designs such as C4000 which has 6 total antennas. 1 set of (3) dedicated to 2.4 and 5ghz with the other set of (3) solely dedicated to a 5ghz channel. C5400/X are the 4x4 versions with 8 antennas.
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I´m actually more interested in their new EAP PoE access points
EAP 620 HD (AX1800, 2x 2x2:2) https://www.tp-link.com/au/business-networking/ceiling-mount-ap/eap620-hd/
EAP 660 HD (AX3600, 2x 4x4:4) https://www.tp-link.com/au/business-networking/ceiling-mount-ap/eap660-hd/
EAP690 extra-HD (AX6000, 3x 4x4:4)

Should be available in August 2020. Found a shop in the Netherlands saying 299€ including taxes for the EAP 660 HD. I haven´t found anything about the chipsets being used.




According to TP-Link´s forum the EAP265 uses the same hardware as the EAP245(v3).
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TP-Link is very slow with firmware releases and seem to drop models quickly from support. One reason i stay away from there products. Just my 2 cents.
TP-Link is very slow with firmware releases and seem to drop models quickly from support. One reason i stay away from there products. Just my 2 cents.
Since I read the review of TP-Link's EAP225 here on snb, I actually like that vendor a little more.
TP-Link is very slow with firmware releases and seem to drop models quickly from support. One reason i stay away from there products. Just my 2 cents.

I have a C3150V2 that I use as a 5GHz band only wired AP (behind an RT-AC86U and probably a bit safer that way). Runs perfectly fine but it does scare me that it hasn't had an update in over 2 years and is already listed as out-of-support. I'm open to replace it with another Asus or Netgear just for the peace-of-mind that they're reasonably better supported. Even a very old Netgear R6250 that I also use as a wired AP just got a firmware update a few weeks ago.

(And just to be clear, I love the C3150, I'd buy another Tplink without question if it were not for the support concern)
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A10 v2 is listed. Same hardware as last one if I'm not mistaken. The "higher end" version of the newer C2300 v2 with NitroQAM

Though it lacks USB on the side for some reason and uses a completely different PCB even though the main components seem identical. Weird.

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