Release New Update for RT-AX86U

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I got back my new replacement AX86U from Asus (was a sealed box so it should be new) and tested it right before this release. The same problems occured, so I was afraid I ended up with my replacement even being a lemon. When this new FW came out, I installed it, and poof, all the instability I faced earlier disappears. The router is now rock solid, if only for these few days so far.

My logs were full of kernel and wifi reinit erros before this. Even testing with no wifi devices connected, just my PC and the modem, the kernel errors persisted. I assume my particular modem config provided by my isp is incompatible with the AX86U before this new FW update and Asus seems to have fixed that.
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i had several issues with clients being disconnected and class 3 frame logs. Even some on the ethernet devices were connecting and disconnecting. I was suggested to installed the latest 386 sdk version. I can confirm that all of my issues have been resolved except a couple of other issues which i have reported to asus.

I am finding 386 rc7 public beta rock solid enough to stay on it rather than downgrading to


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