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New Around Here
Hi guys, just joined as seems to be the best place to look for answers for my home network.

Ok so quick run down, I just upgraded to fibre and bought a Asus rt ac68u to replace the crappy ISP one. The rest of the network consisited of a HP Microserver with hacked bios running ssd as boot and 4 WD Red 3tb drives in raid 1, A WD Tv Live Hub for streaming, A Panasonic Viera TV and my desktop. They were originally connected with a Trendnet Gigabit switch. The Microserver has a remote access card so this was connected to the original router, the other devices were connected to the switch and the switch was connected to the old ADSL ISP router. There is also a Dell Wireless Laser in the spare room and my phone, which are about to be joined by a surface pro.

When the fibre was installed I hooked the VDSL modem to the Asus, then connected the Microserver (both connections), WD Hub Desktop and desktop to the wan ports on the Asus and left the TV disconnected. The switch was removed (trying to save a little power as I now had seperate router and modem).

So now I've given you some back ground I have noticed one problem and I have one thing I'd like to try.

First the problem. Pulling files from the Microserver to a USB drive in the desktop seems much slower now. Barely 3.99MB/s compared to the 12MB/s I was seeing previously. Is this the Asus and would I be better putting the switch back in?

The thing I'd like to try. I like the idea of using the AiCloud system to have my own back up cloud for my phone and the surface when it arrives. Would it be possible to have a 2bay HD enclosure plugged in, preferably with Raid 1 and could anyone recommend an appropriate enclosure?

I know it's a long first post and I apologise for that but any help would be appreciated.
From what I can extract from your post is that you are trying to do a "local" copy of a file from your server to a USB drive in your computer? I don't know how that would slow down if everything is wired.

I almost have the same configuration as you described. HP Server running WHS, gigabit switch for local cabling with one uplink cable going to the Asus router. All the traffic for the wired network should stay within the switch.

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