New WD80EFAX WD RED Drives Noisy


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Hi All,

Not sure if any one else has come across this, but I have recently had to replace a couple of my drives (WD Reds) so I purchased new 8TB drives (also WD red).

The problem I am having is these new drives "WD80EFAX-68KNBN0" run hotter and a lot nosier than their 8TB "WD80EFAX-68LHPN0"counterparts. They are so loud I can hear the hum of the new drives across the (small) room where as the old ones were pretty much silent.

I have run a couple of drive checkers and the drives are reported as fine, and the hum is a rotational noise rather than the grind of bearings.

Has anybody come across this issue with these drives please?
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It doesn't mention noise but it confirms your observation regarding the temperature. It makes the point that despite the similar model numbers they are actually different designs, one is a WD drive and the other is HGST. So it's not to surprising that the temperature and noise characteristics are different.


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Thanks I missed that on my first read. It's a shame the new ones are so disappointing.
I will have to look into the returns policy....

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