New Wireless setup for new home - WiFi extending to Garage and supply whole of home

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Good afternoon,

I am buying a new property and want to get your thoughts on options for WiFi (in particular extending it to the garage - annoyingly they do not provide an option for supplying a ethernet connection from the main property to the garage, and doing it after would involve drilling the cavity etc. I have not completely ruled this out but could still be possible. )

So, I have a fibre feed coming into the property, to which I need to use the BT Homehub for my landline phone, but the WiFi is not going to be great - I could switch this off?), from here I have several ethernet connections to Study, Living room, and Bedroom 1 (which I intend to extend to the loft to provide a switch to then provide cable to other parts of the house). In addition I am looking to supply WiFi out to the garage, and then convert WiFi to ethernet, for a system out there, taking into account the need for streaming 4K etc.

See the following diagrams, but I am after some advise, what switches, wifi, and access points to go for. Thoughts?





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Hi @jambrose. Welcome to SNB.

Since it sounds like you need to keep the BT hub in play (due to it handling your phone service), you could also keep it as your wired router/gateway (with wifi disabled) to start with, and just add a managed PoE switch and APs. If the BT Hub falls short at that role, you could perhaps bridge it to be just a fiber modem, then put in your own wired router.

There are all kinds of options for managed PoE switches and wireless APs. Some of the more popular that are part of a single ecosystem are Ubiquiti UniFi (just avoid their cloud-mandatory gear, until things cool off from the recent data breach at least), or TP-Link Omada or Cisco CBS/CBW. There's also enterprise stuff on the cheap, like used Ruckus off eBay. At this point, I'd probably steer you towards TP-Link Omada or Cisco CBS/CBW (if buying new, at least), with Cisco being my favorite because their CBS switches are built like tanks and the CBW APs have an embedded controller, so super easy to setup and no additional discrete controller (ie. single point-of-failure) needed.

Happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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