Newbie Q - How to connect 2 subnets - Asus RT-AC88U/RT-AC87U/Technicolor DSL

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Here is the config of my home network

Technicolor DSL router (192.168.0.x ------ RT-AC88U ( - Subnet 192.168.1.x
|________ RT-AC87U ( - Subnet 192.168.2.x

My laptop is connected to the 192.168.1.x subnet and I'd like to be able to reach some devices on the subnet 192.168.2.x.
As far as the DSL router is from my ISP provider, I do not have any access to the configuration.

Any suggestion on how to configure some static route for this setup?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions ;-)


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Why do you need two subnets?

If you need two subnets either router can be configured to handle both if you use Merlin firmware.


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Unless you can get access to the Technicolor config, no amount of static route alteration on either Asus gateway will make a difference, for as far as the Technicolor is concerned, everything connected to it exists in the same layer-2 domain, so that layer 3 info will be lost.

As long as you don't need line-rate gigabit speeds, a site-to-site VPN between both Asus units should allow for communication between the hosts behinds each gateway.

Beyond that, though, as @jea101 inferred, if you don't expressly require multiple subnets, and can at least have your ISP put the Technicolor into bridge or IP pass-through mode (effectively turning into a modem only), I would do so, then make your 88U the gateway (handling PPPoE auth if necessary) and wire the 87U to it, running in AP mode, with everything on the same L2 subnet (ie. 192.168.1.x).
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