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Newbie - Setting up a Home Network - Need Advice

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New Around Here
Hey All,

My first post on the forum! I've just moved into to my new house which unfortunately is pretty much refurbished so there is no routing of Ethernet cabling in any parts of the house. Now there may be hope, as I've found somewhere to install a rack above the lounge and wanted some advice on the options I've come up with and the equipment for each (sorry for the huge list of options):

The first element I've researched is the rack, i'm limited by a depth and width of 550MM, but have found the following options:

1. Penn Elcom 18U:
R6418V-M6 (Depth 406mm / Depth 450MM):
1. Vented Door: £156.88
2. Glass Door: £165.13
3. Castor base: £25
4. Castors: R8200HD: £24.12
Total: £206 / £214.25
2. Comms Express:
WM1865B - Datacel 18U 500MM Deep £138
3. SYS RACKZ - 18U 19" 550mm deep £171
4. Comms Rack:
18U 550MM: £126
5. Cable Monkey:
18U 550MM deep: £156.96 + Castors (£30)
6. Lamda-Tek (LMS data Dynamode CAB-W18U-EL550): £143.38

Each of the above have their drawer, shelves, PDU options etc., but wanted to get some advice on which of the above you'd go with?

So in the Rack, minus the ancillaries, I've had a think about what I'll need in the rack:

1. Keystone patch panel (24 port), something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/kenable-Gigabit-Through-Coupler-Patch/dp/B07951MLD4/ref=pd_sbs_23_2/257-0285510-0266626?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07951MLD4&pd_rd_r=b7b3b762-8b00-11e9-b7d4-81d21b9098f6&pd_rd_w=fGDyc&pd_rd_wg=1kB6k&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=1BR7VWG80WG7BSER6WSX&psc=1&refRID=1BR7VWG80WG7BSER6WSX

2. 24 Port Switch; leaning toward a Uniquiti managed PoE switch: https://www.yay.com/voip-phones/ubiquiti-unifi-24port-cloud-gigabit-poe-switch-250w/

3. I have Virgin SH3, have historically been an Asus router guy, and leaning towards the new AX router range like the GT11000AX, but thinking would this be less effective than a mesh system from Ubiquiti themselves? The house is circa 2500 SQ/FT, but if i leant to the Asus, they are just about to release their own AX6600 mesh setup. Will be good to get some advice on this. I guess another option would be to purchase the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter or Unify Security Gateway Router with the Access points although this will be a bit more than Asus.

4. I've opted for the keystone patch panel just so that it's easier to manage the cabling, now as the house is already decorated, I was thinking to rout some Cat6A / 7 cabling externally and via the attic down into some of the rooms, so have seen a reel of this cable:

Will need to terminate these although I will probably have around 5-6 ethernet cable routed initially.

I think that's it for now apologies for posting a generic question in the wireless forum, would love to know which rack you would have from the long list above, but also in terms of hardware that will sit in the rack, what would you opt to go with and if i'm missing anything, please reply with what else I would need.

Really appreciate your input on my first networking setup!

Don't put a wireless router or AP in a metal rack. If you are going to use a rack then use a wired router only with distributed wireless APs around the house.
I was considering to placing the core router if I opt with a standalone Asus / Netgear outside of the rack, but if Ubiquiti, then I guess the gateway / router will be housed with the access points located via PoE.

In terms of rack, of the ones I've mentioned, does any have a preference from them or am I missing any? The dimensions I have to play with are: 550MM Width, 560MM Depth and height around a metre or so, although sticking with 18U at the moment.

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