NextDNS CLI on Asus stock?

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Mr Tvardovsky

Regular Contributor
Dear SNB Community,

I am sorry if I am asking this question in a wrong place. But since @RMerlin's firmware is a part of the context, maybe it makes some sense.

I am a happy user of NextDNS CLI on my main RT-AC86U running 386.3_2. I am wondering if it would be possible to install it this way on ASUS stock firmware with SSH access enabled?


Part of the Furniture
Stock firmware lacks the Merlin ability to customize dnsmasq.conf in order to point it to the Nextdns CLI daemon.

Mr Tvardovsky

Regular Contributor
Thank you very much, it's clear.

Then I understand the only way to use encrypted NextDNS on (the latest) stock is to configure it as DoT. I read some users had issues with it - anybody running NextDNS this way and happy?


Senior Member
I've been using a manual + NextDNS DOT setup since we all started talking about NextDNS. I do not run the NextDNS client. Yes, I changed dnsmasq.conf to make it play nice with others various guidance over the past 2 years. I'm not sure I understand what all the settings actually perform, so once I got it working, I left it alone. YMMV.

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