NFS export failure WD MyBook mounted to tmp file system from AC88u newest Merlin.

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JB Northwest

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Hi i've spent several days trying to get this to work both through web interface and SSH , really grinding my teeth.
I have a WD Mybook 4TB USB external drive plugged into USB3 port on front of AC88u. Drive is viewable and formattable. I noticed that the drive is mounted to a mount point in tmpfs which I assume is in RAM. I cannot export any folders that being with /tmp i.e. in tmp directory. Everything works fine if I export a mount point on any random directory on the router that's not remapped into tmp. But that doesn't seem to be where the router wants to mount things. So using GUI i can get a directory exported, or at least it seems to and showmount -e will show it exported. however, if i type exportfs -a i get an error that the directory is not exportable. No clients can connect giving various errors. tried from Mac client and a Debian 10 client, as well as some webcams which point to my debian NFS shares without any problem. Again, everything will work if i export a real directory on the router that has not been mirrored into RAM , but i can't get my external HD to mount to one of those folders. Both Mac and Linxu client will connect to NFS share on router if it's not in tmp. sorry I'm at work now and can't post actual error messages but i've tried dozens of suggestions from web including FSID=0 or 1 or 25, many variations of other options. In frustration i stuck the USB drive on the debian box and then everything works great, but i really want this drive on the router.

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