Nintendo switch nat type F after ax58u 388.1 update


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Howdy do this would be my first time posting here cuz I haven't really had any issues lol, the router is the ax58u currently downgraded back to firmware version 386.7_2, I did try to use the latest one being 388.1 and after getting on my switch I noticed it's nat type went from "A" to "F".I did have it in the port forward correctly and all that, and the Xbox that's also hooked up to the router via Ethernet it's nat type was showing open still, tried resetting everything, redoing the portforward, since I have the OLED model I plugged in the Ethernet cable and did the port forward for that, still was at "F", after flashing 386.7_2, it's back to nat type "A" on all connections, I'm not sure if there's a way for me to get a log or anything from this there was absolutely no errors popping up on the router side or on the switch and after looking it up there was no service interruptions affecting my region and I did call Nintendo support and they said there should be nothing wrong

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