No-ip LetsEncrypt still not working

Eric Lieb

Regular Contributor
Has anyone been able to get no-ip to work with MerlinWRT? It works on Stock Asus firmware with lets encrypt but on merlinwrt I always get this error.

Apr 23 15:40:11 kernel: error: Fetching
ll-known/acme-challenge/************k: Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)


Regular Contributor
Works fine for me!



Senior Member
No-IP works fine for me on my AX88U running Melin 386.5.2

Eric Lieb

Regular Contributor
Nevermind it was an issue on No-ip's end. Apperently they had 2 passwords associated with my account and the old one said "successful" on the router webpage but it wasnt actually updating the IP on no-ips end so letsencrypt would fail because the IP address was incorrect. Got it resolved with No-ip and now it is working again.

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