No monthly traffic after rstats reset

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I power cycled my RT-AC88U (on Merlin 384.17) today which corrupted the rstats.gz file on a mounted USB drive. As such I was force to reset the traffic monitoring by choosing “yes” for the “new or reset” option.

That got traffic working for the last 24 hours and Daily, which now shows data for May 1 and 2, but Monthly is showing “No data in table.”

Shouldn’t the monthly traffic history start to display immediately? If so how can I fix this? If not how long should it take to show up?


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I’m fairly certain that’s not how it was working before I lost all my data.

Before I had to reset it, the current month’s traffic would increase without having to wait a month. Likewise the daily traffic would increase without having to wait a day.

I just reset it again and within minutes the daily traffic began to climb, even though it hasn’t been a day. The monthly traffic just says “no data in table”.

Here’s both after doing a speed test.

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