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No more than 10k character posts is broken

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Yup. That's a limit. Post an excerpt and link to the release.
The limit includes any non-printing characters. At any rate, my initial reply applies.
But the text is 9000, not 10000.
Xenforo probably includes formatting characters into that limit, maybe also some post metadata (which would be unintuitive, but who knows).
Well, then I guess I won't be posting that news. 🤷‍♂️
What news? Don't want to miss something. Just split it to 2 posts, as happens with firmware releases
A link won't work?
Nah man, not going to waste time on that, sorry.
Not going to bother posting any more news here.

There's been times where I've done the first couple of paragraphs, as PR's and News Items tend to do the inverted pyramid style of writing...

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 4.29.34 PM.png

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