Skynet No Stats in Skynet's WebUI but plenty in CLI ...

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Duncan DiSauddelli

New Around Here
Well spotted. I hadn't noticed the problem with GH per se but I did notice that a few other websites seemed to load slowly, at a times when Skynet's stats page was empty or saying "N/A" when the "monitoring from" and "to" and log size were being discussed . I didn't associate the slow loading with Skynet but, having tested GH I found it would not load. I temporarily disabled Skynet - GH then loaded normally. I restarted Skynet and now its stats header is saying the current time (instead of last night or N/A) and GH is continuing to load quickly. I will look out for other URL loading speeds.

edit - two minutes later and GH wouldn't load, and the router's own UI wouldn't load, nor this forum ... I waited for 60 s and they did eventually complete and page loading now seems to be back to normal.
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doesn't skynet webui pull stuff from github? could the blocking be the issue?
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Duncan DiSauddelli

New Around Here
For JackYazz: I tried to reply to our PM conversation but I keep getting told "Oops! We ran into some problems.Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator"

The problem with stats not updating has now gone away but I have uninstalled Skynet whilst I fault-find some other network problems, so I am unable to help further with stats.js at the moment.

(Why this sentence has upset the forum server, I don't know!)


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I'm experiencing the No data to display all of a sudden. Skynet 7.2.5 was working just fine since I installed it for the first time 24 hours ago, and suddenly it just craps out now. Reinstalling skynet helped for about 5 minutes and now it won't show any stats anymore.

Should I just leave it alone and see if it comes back, like others here (albeit on 7.2.4 back in march) have experienced?

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