Noob question about SMB1 vs SMB2

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Forgive this noob question.

I have a HDD shared by SMB1 to a macbook inside my home network. My AC1900U FW is which still doesn't support SMB2.

I've read that SMB1 is very unsafe. Is it in this configuration?

Should I upgrade to SMB2 with a later FW?

I've read awful things about later FW that implement SMB2 and before upgrading from this rock solid version I'd like to evaluate if SMB2 is worth enough for just this sporadic usage.

I connect HDD twice a week by SMB, and after a short usage I disconnect it. Not an intensive usage.

What I use more frequently is the Time machine function (one connection per hour). I guess it uses SMB as well.

Any comment?


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In your case I personally wont bother to use SMB1 as you use it only temporarly for backups and not all the day streaming to many clients.

But if this is your main router you should update anyway sometimes. Right now maybe better to wait for a proved stable firmware.


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I also wonder if SMB1 from a mac client is as vulnerable as a win client.

I'll definitely update in a future. But reading this forum, it seems that last 384 versions were plentiful of problems (81351 and 81049)

I guess I can stick to 45717 a little bit more (it is not a prehistoric fw anyway...)



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Thanks for the advice. Sounds quite reasonable.
I'd update more frequently but all this factory reset and start from scratch makes it very time consuming.
So I prefer to nail the version :)
Anyway. Do you mean 386 or 396? :)



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AFAIK, SMB1 support was recently removed by Apple, alongside CIFS support.


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AFAIK, SMB1 support was recently removed by Apple, alongside CIFS support.
Yes you are right. From Catalina OS on. I'm not there right now. Waiting for a debugged final version. Hopefully along a stable SMB2 asus version.

Thanks a lot!


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If you want to use SMB protocol for Time Machine backups, you'll need SMB 3.02 with specific Apple extensions at minimum (that was the version introduced in MacOS Sierra, the first one with Time Machine SMB support).. and no consumer router offers that out-of-the-box, everyone uses AFP protocol (with reverse engineered netatalk daemon and without support) for Time Machine functionality.

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