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Mr. Easy
Staff member
With the slew of $400 "netbooks" around, I was thinking of doing an article or two looking at them for suitability as mini-servers or other networking uses. I have always resisted using an old computer for things like this due to size, noise and power use. But these little self-contained computers seem to remove those objections.

Any interest? Anyone already do this and want to write an article?

On another topic. I'm also beginning my annual search for a light travel notebook. Is this something you would be interested in reading about? I wouldn't do full reviews. Something more like this article that I did a few years ago.
I think it would be interesting to take a netbook or two and discover how suitable they could be as a NAS or general network appliance. Throw in a USB or PCMCIA NIC and one of those things would make for a pretty cool router.

I think it would be interesting to read about.
Someone somewhere once mentioned the EeeBox and its ilk as a NAS, and I remember responding pretty negativey, due to the limited expansion capability. That said, something like the EeeBox might make a good router. If you're going to be reviewing the netbooks, then may I also suggest some looking into the cheap nettops?

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