Nothing showing in WLCEVENTD.log


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I am running an Asus RT-AC3200 with Asuswrt-Merlin v384.13_10 and trying to figure out how I enable the Wireless Client logs so I can troubleshoot wireless, roaming and smart connect issues. I am running Scribe v2.4.3 with the default config, but the WLCEVENTD.log never gets created and I am not seeing any wireless events in any other logs. I have the following possibly relevant NVRAM settings:


Is there an NVRAM setting or config option somewhere I am missing?


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Any ideas on where I should be looking? Is this normal for an RT-AC3200? Do I need to change the log level, reset to defaults, upload a new firmware or is this something that nobody knows anything about?.


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It's not configured to be built as part of the firmware....
release/src/router/config_base:# RTCONFIG_WLCEVENTD is not set

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