NTP client issue behind GT-AX11000

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New Around Here
Hi all, I tried searching the forum, but I couldn't turn up any useful results.

I'm running on an AX11000, and running into an issue with clients behind the firewall connecting to NTP servers.

I was previously running a pfSense firewall on a VM, and the AX11000 as my Wi-Fi AP, but was looking to simplify my network a bit :)
I've got an aiMesh setup running, with a 92 as the mesh node on hardwire.

Unfortunately, since making the switch, I've realized that my clients are able to resolve NTP servers fine by name, but via FQDN or IP, they will not connect through the Asus to the local or national-level NTP servers.

I've been searching for a few days about this problem, and thought I saw something about NTP having issues with the DHCP service disabled on the router, but wasn't able to re-find that for some reason, and not sure why that would be related.
(I'm running internal DNS and DHCP. I could probably find some way to do some UDP port forwarding nonsense and run an internal NTP server, but that really seems unnecessary, as UDP 123 is pretty straightforward.)

Thanks for any help!

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