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NTP intercept issues

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I've tested both Merlin intercept for NTP and the Jack Yaz update for KVC Merlin ntp script and it seems to cause devices not to work I've noticed this on both my RT-AC88U that I gave to family my cousin was complain that RP-AC68U repeater that his PS4 is connected to kept losing connection and he had to reboot it to get it back till I disabled the NTP redirect.

On my RT-AX88U my VoIP ata stopped working properly disabling the voice during calls as in it's a port wasn't being forwarded, as well as my raspberry pi was having certificate issues during an apt get update, not to mention I was getting a weird log error about a missing pptp interface.

What I don't understand is why it's being problematic, is it because I was using the 0-3.au.pool.ntp.org servers?

Or is there some other issues that I'm missing?


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it sounds like your devices are not getting adequate time.


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I would not be surprised but is seems to be an issue with the intercept enabled I have to disable it then reboot my ata to get it to work.


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You can try pointing your AP ntp client at the ip of the router that is the server. This fixed the ap issue for me. The problem with the AP is that it only attempts to collect the time once and if it fails it will use router default. Also disable reboot schedule on AP as well so it wont have to constantly try to get time each time.


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I'm half concerned that it's the time server that's having issues at the end of the day but I did notice two past routing risked in vs server that were stuck to port 123 or something.

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