ntpMerlin ntpMerlin errors on 386.7_2


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Recently upgraded my AC68U to 386.7_2 and ntpMerlin is behaving a bit weird. The UI is showing up like this:

6.    Set number of days data to keep in database
      Currently: trueDAYSTOKEEP days data will be kept

s.    Toggle storage location for stats and config
      Current location is usb

t.    Switch timeserver between ntpd and chronyd
      Currently using
      Config location: 

r.    Restart

If I try menu item 1, which is "Update timeserver stats now", I get this error: Error: near line 2: in prepare, near ",": syntax error (1) .

It was working before 386.7 . Is it possible the shell version changed and that changed the behavior?


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On AX88U no issue found.


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Running OK for me on an AC68U, maybe run a fsck on your drive?
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