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Hi all:

I have a boxed security camera system that came with 6 PoE (and dc) IP cameras and a PoE NVR. It seems most of the other brand NVR's operate the same so this is not necessarily specific to my brand or setup.

My question has 2 parts to it.

(1) Does the NVR have a built in NAT since it'll assign IP's for a different subnet? Not sure if it matters but has a main ("WAN") port separate from the PoE camera ports.

(2) Assuming I use a non-PoE managed Layer2+/3 switch and create vlan's to segregate my entire home network. If i add the NVR(s) to it's own VLAN, wouldn't it be like a VLAN within a VLAN for the NVR? If so, is there a better setup? Is this how you would set it up?


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