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Simon W

Regular Contributor

Re. the following variables:
  • dhcp_staticlist (MAC to IP address mappings for static DHCP reservations)
  • dhcp_hostnames (IP to hostname mappings for static DHCP reservations, if specified)
  • custom_clientlist (custom aliases/labels given to clients within the GUI, including chances to their icon)
Historically these were all NVRAM variables. For new routers' firmware there seems to be a move to JFFS (which makes sense as I for one have filled up the NVRAM on an older model router with many many labels over time).

However, there currently seems to be some duplication, at least on my RT-AX88U:
  • dhcp_hostnames exists solely in JFFS
  • dhcp_staticlist and custom_clientlist exists both in JFFS and NVRAM
..which seems to somewhat defeat the space-saving purpose of the change?!

Trying to ascertain whether or not this is correct (perhaps the case during a transition phase?) or if this is a hangover from my various exports and imports over a number of firmware updates/resets etc?

Said differently: I'm going to be doing a complete re-initialise of my RT-AX88U and with these 3 values being the only ones I care about re-importing (everything else setup from scratch manually), should I be injecting them back to both JFFS and NVRAM as per my setup currently (ie. with the two duplications) or just into JFFS?

(obviously I could try use trial and error with a fresh setup to figure this out myself.. and will if no-one knows then report back.. but thought it worth asking the question to save time..!)



Asuswrt-Merlin dev
dhcp_hostnames exists solely in JFFS

That's because that variable only exists in my code.

dhcp_staticlist and custom_clientlist exists both in JFFS and NVRAM

libnvram will transparently show you the jffs content when using "nvram get", because it's hardcoded in it by Asus. That does not mean that the value exists in nvram.

Simon W

Regular Contributor
Ah that makes sense, I get it now! I did wonder why the dhcp_hostnames were seperate from their corresponding MAC and IP addresses, and now you come to mention it I do remember the option to specify custom hostnames for static reservations appearing.. probably around the time I started using your firmware!

Thanks for the quick and clear explanation :)
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