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Odd IP address

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So, our frame relay is acting up today, and giving a really really odd tracerout. The one major thing, it's tossing up a 152.162.x.x IP address. As far as I know, that's external, correct?

I know 10.x 172.x and 192.168.x are internal 169.x is the DHCP cry for help, but what is 152? External?

It is a public IP. ARIN Whois reports:

OrgName: ANS Communications, Inc
Address: 22001 Loudoun County Parkway
City: Ashburn
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20147
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: ANS-BNET6
NetHandle: NET-152-161-0-0-1
Parent: NET-152-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: AUTH51.NS.UU.NET
NameServer: AUTH101.NS.UU.NET
RegDate: 1992-04-01
Updated: 2007-08-01

So, the IP address belongs to ANS... if they're not your ISP, it's time to talk to your ISP and ask what is going on. If they ARE your ISP, it's likely they are doing address consolidation or something similar. Even still, it would be good to talk to your ISP.

I'm not exactly sure, it's quad T1's into two 2611's, all of which is managed by another company. We're currently having issues connecting however, which is about to start costing us, a lot. I just wanted to be able to give them whatever information I could.

Thanks for the update!
If you have a quad-t-1 circuit, you should have a solid SLA... Time to call them on it. Split across two routers makes it sound like you were pretty serious about failover and redundancy. Let us know what happens on this.

I know 10.x 172.x and 192.168.x are internal 169.x is the DHCP cry for help, but what is 152? External?

At the risk of sounding pedantic, the actual range for private networks is 172.16.X.X through 172.31.X.X. Many of the 172.X.X.X IPs have already been allocated (through ARIN); for instance, AOL owns It's entirely possible to see them used in the field.
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