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I have an AC-3100 as my primary router running the latest stable 384.15. I also have another older RT-AC66R in on side of the house as a repeater running the latest it can at 380.70.

Yesterday my primary router stopped responding in that the network was working fine and routing and internet worked, but I could not ssh into it or pull up the web site. So I rebooted. It had disk errors in the log as I have a usb 3.0 drive for diversion enabled, but I unmounted and forced an fsck check and it was fine then re-mounted rebooted again.

I then checked the traffic analyzer as I had enabled it shortly before adding in the repeater and noted that I had almost 2GB of data coming from the repeater. The only reason I was concerned from this is that there are no clients connected to the repeater so I wouldn't think it would be sending that much traffic just between the two routers. Interestingly enough as well when logging into the repeater, I see all wired connections to the primary router even-though nothing is wired to the repeater itself, so it must be sharing a lot more than a standard repeater, almost mesh-type info.

Any idea why it would be sharing that much data when the repeater doesn't have any clients connected? In addition, the primary router AC-3100 shows in the RT-AC66R's network list as a wired connection with a note 2 clients are connecting to RT-AC66R through this device. I would think this would show as a Wired 5Ghz connection since there is no physical wired connection between the two?

Thanks in advance.


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Just a heads up that the RT-AC66R can be upgraded to current firmware level if you use @john9527's RMerlin fork for your router, currently at version 42.E7. :)

The other questions you have? Asus closed source blobs probably explain most of it is my guess. ;)


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Sorry for the late reply.
Yea, I knew about @john9527's fork, but have been hesitant to move to it since it was based off of the older 374 base vs the 380 base. As for the main issue, yea, I'll chalk it up to closed components and internal router traffic. :/. If it gets too much, I'll just shut it down for now. Thanks.


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Right now though, the 'older' 374 codebase is more recent than the 380 codebase which is essentially obsolete. :)

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