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I am orienting myself on starting offering or managing some cloud workspaces for clients, very small scale, under 10 workplaces.
Currently i mostly repair devices and do occasional small business support of 2 -4 people and help them with their already existing network consisting of local workstations and using cloud apps such as dropbox, or google gsuite.

The idea is that the user logs in remotely from their home or work pc, android tablet / ipad
have a centralized managed and secured windows 10 work environment on pc
email for each user,
any work specific applications they wish to have,
file sharing in between their workspaces in the cloud.
I guess my question can be split in two: the architecture of the base on wich the system will run and the way the clients will connect to it.

I looked at solutions for this and t here are simply so many that the trees block my forest view so to say.
Things i have seen so far are :
Citrix workspace,
AWS workspaces
microsoft azure
vmware vsphere
vmware workspace one.
citrix workspace

All of them probably have their ups and downs considering workspace proposition, ease of use for customer and managing , scalability, realization difficulty and earnings model possibilities.
I am curious on your take of these things and wich one you would recommend to my situation.
i think i need something "easy and safe" to start with and go to the more advanced and self offered as the business grows and i get more hands on experience with it.
Also since i dont have any volume yet, some things might fall out of the boat considering the startup and base costs.
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