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Offer: Dual-WAN / One - DNS and lite - Routing Rules

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Experiments were made: WAN & Ethernet LAN - LAN Port 1.
1. At automatic DNS, the fair over does not work.
Necessary write each connection manually of DNS and identical. example: Google


Make function of control of independent DNS, in case of accident to use their identical.
Add separate control DNS on the page Dual-WAN.
Jan 21 06:00:00 custom_script: Running /jffs/scripts/dnsmasq.postconf (args: /etc/dnsmasq.conf ) - max timeout = 120s
Jan 21 06:00:25 dnsmasq[4421]: using nameserver
Jan 21 06:00:25 dnsmasq[4421]: using nameserver

2. In Balance Load - if setup Routing Rules need to be specified in both parties.


Not conveniently, would be to register one condition.
For example (VPN): Rules for routing client traffic through the tunnel - this OK.
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