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Offsite/Online Backup Service that uses SyncToy-esque backup method?

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Ok, sorry, i know this is not directly NAS related but here's my issue:

I have all my media backed up to my Thecus 3200pro with a WD 2TB drive. So far, so good. Like the NAS, speedy, reliable, quiet and the hard drive seems fine as well. Slightly slow startup but overall i like the green, low temp aspects.

What i want to do is backup this NAS to an offsite location. I joined Mozy's unlimited which is great but it has one very annoying issue: once you back it up, the only way you can incrementally add to your data on the mozy servers is through the original computer you have been doing the backups on. In other words, I backed up all my data (took about 3 months, 1TB of data) and then a month later i decided to reinstall/format windows partition. Well Mozy had no idea what was on my system and needed to completely upload all of my data again! very annoying.

What I would love is something more akin to how synctoy works where it analyzes both locations and then just adds what's missing. Seems somewhat simple though I can imagine over the internet it would take much longer to analyze.

Is there any backup service that you people know of that can do what I want?

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