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New Around Here
Could SOmeone please tell me hoe to get 10 stanalone computers running on a network?
i am a newbie and i dont understand anyin.
please helpppp.
I see you are in the UK, as I am. Give me your phone number and I might be able to help. The best way to give me your number is via a Private Message.
Click on my name "BriComp" and then click "Send a Private Message to BriComp". Send me your phone number and I will see if I can help on a 1 to 1 basis.
At a basic level, any PC's that are plugged into any consumer router are on the same network. Given that these routers (the cheap $30 or $40 ones you buy in stores) only usually have about 4 ports, you would need to 'add ports' by adding a bigger switch (8 or 16 ports) and have it plugged into the router (given that you have 10 PCs, assuming none of them are wireless). You have yourself a network.

A network usually implies sharing resources of some kind (files, printers, internet, etc). By default, routers will already share the internet connection if you have one plugged into it. If you want to share files/printers, you would need to run Windows XP/Vista's 'Network Setup Wizard' in order to share files, etc. With all the devices plugged in and running the wizard, you have a basic functional network where you can share files and printers (and the internet too).
Nicely put, Scotty!

That's as succinct a statement as I've ever heard.

And how about Networking 102?
Hi Ishak

You obviously do not want any help or assistance. I have offered you one to one phone help but you have simply ignored my offer.
If you are not interested then say so.

Bob Bridges
That's a bummer, Bob.

It's still possible he has his hands full with the day job, feels embarrassed about this, or forgot to subscribe to the thread. Any of those would fit me to a T. :D

I am almost certain it's a school assignment, based on the scenario information provided, and the particularity of his desired response.

i have sorted out the situation.
i have now got a network up and running.
thanx every1 for there help :)
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