Old and new routers, which to use as main router?


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So I have an ancient RT-N66U which is going to be replaced by an RT-AC86U.

I would like to use one of these as my main router (connected to my cable modem) and the other as a wired AP on the upper floor to extend the network.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming that the new RT-AC86U should become my new main router and be connected to my cable modem, and the old RT-N66U can be used a wired AP? (Eventually I plan to retire the N66U and replace it with something newer).


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Your post is probably better posted in the ASUS forum. I would buy a wireless AP for your second wireless in stead of another router. It will be a lot cheaper. You could buy a wireless AP now and when you decide to replace your router then decide. You might like running separates and buy a wired only router by then.


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The 86U should be the router, as it has a massively stronger CPU and wired architecture to run all gateway-related network services and process traffic.

Factory reset both units, flash with the latest proven-stable Merlin version for each, then factory reset again, then configure each from scratch, the 86U as the router, the 66U in "AP Mode" (all services effectively turned off).

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