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One R7000 nighthawk- weak signal- add another R7000 or 2 new ubiquiti ap vs ?

Discussion in 'General Wireless Discussion' started by wp746911, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. wp746911

    wp746911 New Around Here

    Apr 18, 2009
    I have a R7000 nighthawk router-used in AP mode. I have a seperate router from my fiber provider (CSPIRE- 1GBPS fiber service) so I don't need the router service of the R7000. Most of my house is wired with cat5e gigabyte network, but of course we still have some wireless devices (ipads, wireless scales, iphones, home automation, etc). The wifi with the R7000 is actually pretty good- I have a LARGE house- 6000+ sq. ft. - which is covers suprisingly well. There is understandably week signal at the edges of the house. Tried repositioning but it will cover about 80% of the house with an acceptable signal (again all my high usage devices are wired, so I don't need amazing wifi or anything for the few ipads etc that aren't) but some areas just die off. I've thought about just getting another R7000 and using them both in AP mode with the same SSID, versus ditching the R7000 altogehter and going with something like the UAC-AC-Pro from ubiquiti and setting up 2-3 of them in the house.

    My biggest concern is the handoff. Will the ubiquiti setup handle this handoff better? Is there a reason to think the R7000 won't handle the handoff well? Should I look at other mesh setups like orbi? I like the idea of orbi but seems wasteful to rely on a wifi communication betwen orbi devices when I could easily hardwire them together (I think orbi doesn' allow you to use hardwire connections between orbi's). Thoughts?

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