Ongoing issues with RT AC86U (2.4GHz - drop out & 5GHz - network adapter?)


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I just upgraded to Merlin 386.7 and found that my Windows 10 Pro desktop is not seeing the 5GHz SSID/band even after a hard reset on both devices. I cannot recall if it was working just before (thought I know that it was working recently - like within the last few months) since I usually leave my desktop on/in sleep. I am able to connect to the 5GHz SSID on my mobile for example. The desktop is using an ASUS PCE-AC68U network adapter and seems to run OK on 2.4GHz. I have the latest software from the Asus Website for the adapter (which was dated around 2017 IIRC) and Windows tells me the device is functioning normally. Any suggestions please?

BTW, still experiencing issues with the 2.4GHz band as noted by others. I did see a comment somewhere that a hardware issue could be at the root of it and some people were asked by Asus to RMA. I'm going to open a ticket and see how Asus respond.

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