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Open source two-factor auth?

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I occasionally check into the home network from work, mainly to grab a file that I've left on one of the home computers, or remotely fix a problem. The company has recently suffered a breach of security on its own network, though, and while I'm 99% sure my computer was not one of those attacked, I can't be 100% sure that there is not a keylogger now installed. In fact, it's possible the corp itself has installed one now to make sure that no activity is remiss.

That makes me hesitant to type a password, but I'm not one to keep saved passwords on a stick. That leaves two-factor authentication to initiate the VPN connection. Problem is, while OpenVPN is a great VPN, it doesn't seem to support two-factor of any kind. I'm loathe to spend vast sums of money, though, which leaves me with few options: don't login from work, keep typing my password, save my password, or get a dongle/Java application for the phone, and I'd really like to do the last of these.

Any one else have a small personal two-factor setup?
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