OpenVPN 2.6 w/DCO


New Around Here
Is OpenVPN 2.6 in the future plans for Merlin. More important will DCO be able to run within the ASUS Merlin Hardware (AX88U, AX86U…)?
I have done some reading on the OpenVPN website and it sounds like DCO is a feature that will eliminate some of the throughput limitations of OpenVPN. It also sounds like multi threading is available in 2.6
I would love to see this feature brought to Merlin if it fits in the scope of all the great enhancements that is currently in Merlin.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
OpenVPN 2.6 yes, but for DCO it will depend on its requirements. Current development builds of the DCO module requires a very recent development kernel. DCO would need to be able to work with kernels 4.1 or 4.19 to be usable under Asuswrt.

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