OpenVPN Client - Asus RT-AC88u no internet

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Hello Guys
I was trying to find out here on forum but I couldnt find information.
I want to use some devices (cell, laptops, smart tv) to connect to router and run VPN without installation any software on it (all devices are on wifi connection)

Router ASUS with OpenVPN from NORDVpn - I was able to set up some servers (from NordVPN website) in VPN Client session and they are getting connected.

After that internet is working for like 1 min (devices are getting internet connection and IP from desired country). After 1 min internet is breaking.
What am I doing wrong? I set DNS also DNS from NORDVpn

Should any device connected to router and start working right away after above setup?
Please help me what has to be done to start working


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Are you trying to run multiple, concurrent OpenVPN clients? IOW, connect to multiple servers at the same time? Because if you are, that can be problematic, for several reasons, esp. using stock ASUS firmware.


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No its only just one OpenVPN client is activated. I tested like 8 (seperatly). The same - its getting connected fine but after 1 min its getting crazy disconnected connected back etc....
I connected to local provider have static IP 212.180.... getting to router, connected devices are getting
With tutorial from NordVPN looks easy to set but after nothing is working. My main concern is to connect smart TV and after openvpn is activated - to watch some streaming services with local IP. Maybe something needs to be routed? In main router i connected by cable aimesh asus rt 1900u - maybe this is the problem??
Maybe if I provide logs from Asus Router you can check what is going on?


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Remove your LAN DNS server entry.

Manually set your WAN DNS servers to public servers, not your ISP's servers. e.g. and

On the Administration - System page, for Network_Monitoring disable both options (DNS and ping).

Test again... If no improvement post your router's system log.
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The same - I changed WAN DNS to public ones, LAN DNS removed.
Acting like always - working and slowing down and no connection.
I attached logs - please check what can be the issue

Thank you


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Your log file doesn't show any problems. Can you clearly describe what the problem is?


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Connection is established right away, i can check IP changed on cell, computer.
After like 1-2 min, after trying to browse pages just errors, cant reach, dns issues showing.
Usually I have problems to log back to router on to deactivate tha connection. Iam doing that from asus app on android and after restore to local ISP all is working fine.
When connecting to NordVPN from app on cell and pc no problem at all


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Issue fixed, ISP did mainteance and provide new IP scopes for building and suddenly all started to work!!! Everything is great, just activate openvpn client and finally I can watch amazon prime for UK
Thank you for help

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