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I've been troubleshooting OpenVPN on my Asus router for a while and finally seem to have pinned down my issue. From my Android OpenVPN client, I'm able to connect to the router, but can't reach anything (not the gateway, no LAN or internet IPs etc.) Now, I found that when I turn off my OpenVPN client on the router, it works.

To explain the situation: I mean to use OpenVPN server from my personal devices when abroad (mobile phones, travel routers etc.), in order to have access to my home network. Meanwhile I'm using a NordVPN client on the same router for outbound internet access. The internal devices that are supposed to be using that client VPN connection are configured through VPN director, so I wasn't really expecting that tailored VPN client section to interfere with an OpenVPN server on the same router.

Is this a known issue or is there a way to bypass this, i.e. keep using NordVPN for outbound internet of a few LAN systems while having my own OpenVPN server running on the router's WAN interface?

Another question, unrelated: I'm using DDNS to register the router to an name, but I have a CNAME record pointing to that entry for my personal domain name ( pointing to the record). It it possible to define that as entry point for the OpenVPN server? I'm sure I can put that in the .ovpn client file, but I'm unsure what that will do with certificates. For the record, I do own an SSL cert for



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First thing... check to see that you have different ports assigned for inbound (OpenVPN) and outbound (Nord) - i.e. 1194 and 1195.

Secondly... this should explain it all...

Be sure to look into eibgrad's comments...


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Thanks for the tip! Indeed I was having overlapping subnets, so fixing that took care of the issue.

Any tips around the personal certificate? Can this be used for the Asus services listeners?

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