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OpenVPN on pfSense v2.6.0. **** Solved ****

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Hello. After using an AX88U with Merlin for an age, I got bored with everything ’just working’ so I’ve dipped my toes into pfSense waters. I have completely rewired my home network accordingly. I am now using the AX88U as an access point along with an AX3000 & AX1500 access points from TP-Link.
The main line from my cable providers MODEM is connected to my WAN interface of my pfSense box, a Protectli FW4C. The LAN from the FW4C goes to a TP-Link 16 port switch. From there, to all other wired devices including my AX88U.

The good news that it all works well. Everything can access to the Internet fine, and my local network is also OK. no issues.

My only issue thus far is my inability to get an OpenVPN connection to work. I have configured the OpenVPN server as per the instructions I found HERE. I am using SSL/TLS certification as security.

Having downloaded the .OPVN configuration file to my iPhone, I can connect the server OK however, I cannot access anything on the Internet.

So I have my certificate security correct but not routing etc. I suspect that it is a firewall problem, but having said that, I did set up the firewall rules in the installation video.

Help please. Thank you.
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Sorted. I checked the configs again and found that I needed to enter a DNS server address. AFAIK, the YouTube walk through didn’t mention this, but I could have easily missed it as it had been a long day.
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