OpenVPN provided by seedbox does not work very well

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New Around Here

I got a seedbox which came with a free OpenVPN feature. The seedbox itself is sound thanks to a recommendation from a seedbox site. But the OpenVPN isn't working correctly. I have downloaded the community client and loaded the openvpn profile that came with the seedbox andit seems to suggest that it's connecting and ven has traffic logs.

I then googled "my ip" and seems to have a mix results between sites. Some sites report the VPN IP. SOme sites report the VPN IP but my actual location, others detect that I'm on a VPN and disclose my actual IP.

My ISP supports ipv6, (has those long string IP addresses that look like gibberish). I was wondering if that is an issue? Can I disable all IPV6 traffic and force ipv4 and then send all trafifc via the vpn?

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