OpenVPN Server (TUN) problems with LAN Client <--> Client // AC-68U (384.19)

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Hello dear friends of the network :)

I have a question that has certainly been asked many times.
On the Internet and here in the forum, I haven't found a simple solution that helps me :-(
Please don't kill me if the topic has come up before.

I have an OpenVPN server with TUN protocol running on my AC-68U (384.19). It works as it should and I can connect to my Android phone immediately.

The problem, however, is that I can only get to the GUI from my router. I can only reach without any problems.
My NAS with the is no longer accessible :(
I activated the setting "allow client <--> client".

Do I have to enter a routing somewhere? How do I do that?
In principle my VPN client has to come into the same subnet somehow, right? Unfortunately I cannot use the TAB protocol with Android because it is not supported.

The problem has certainly been discussed very often and I really tried to solve it, but couldn't find any direct solutions :(

Attached is a screenshot of my current settings.

Thanks in advance :)

best regards



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ARGH !!!!
Facepalm !! Pls DO kill me...

I had a VPN client running simultaneously.
And my NAS was included here.

After I run the NAS over the WAN, I can easily access it via VPN.

I'm sorry for my stupidity - I totally forgot about the VPN client.


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FYI. The "allow client-to-client" option is only for the purposes of allowing OpenVPN clients (of which there could be more than one) of any given OpenVPN server to communicate w/ each other. IOW, the OpenVPN server can be used as a gateway between all your OpenVPN clients. It has no bearing on the problem you described (and apparently solved).

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