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openvpn set txqueuelen 1000 on tun interface

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For a very long time I have been hunting the reason why I get corrupt files (and interruption) when copying big files over my vpn tunnel between two 87u routers. Thinking it might be due to UDP, MTU but at the same time not been able to make any sens of it. (TCP seams more stable and also a bit higher speed but Im using UDP for the moment). My workaround is to use rsync.
Today I stumbled on an interesting discovery.
The default txqueuelen on the tun interface is 100.... After adding "txqueuelen 1000" to my openvpn configuration my vpn speed increased from just over 40mbit to now well over 60mbit (on a 100mbit WAN link) and the number of dropped tx packages stays at zero. Large files can still not be copied over SAMBA share without corruption but at least rsync feels more stable and has not aborted any transfer yet.
Running 384.10 beta2

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