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OpenVPN: Username / passwords get scrambled on applying advanced settings?

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Martin Fishkov

Regular Contributor
Still plenty happy with what Merlin can do for me, however:
A minor annoyance while tweaking my two Open VPN servers:
Everytime I apply advanced settings, my listed username / passwords get scambled- seems like a string termination problem somewhere? See screenshot below: The username on the second row and the password on the third belong together. Users on third and fourth rows get inserted?

Workaround is not that hard- but it gets tedious to enter the user / passwd everytime I change something :)

Thanks in advance for any hints!
It would help knowing which router model and FW version you refeer to.

Never seen this issue happening at all.

Have you tried a reset after flashing / clean config?
Avoid using unusual characters in your passwords (i.e. avoid %$' characters). Some of these might mess up with the webui code.
Hi, thanks for the responses!

First: It is firmware version 380.59_0
running on an RT-AC68U

Cleanly installed on a brand new system..

Only alpha numerals in the password.
Oh- and if I try to connect (assuming it's a GUI issue) I get an auth failed, so it seems the problem is not gui only.
Try resetting your current user list, as it might have gotten corrupted at some point:

nvram unset vpn_serverx_clientlist
nvram commit
username /dfn is not a very good idea...

sort out the account, and like RMerlin suggests - keep things simple...
Thanks- will do as soon as I get home.
(@sfx2000: To be clear- the dfn and /dfn usernames were not added by me but appeared after I saved the advanced settings...)
Oddly, I can now log in but over vpn the GUI seems incomplete (see below) As soon as I go into any detail page, the main navigator (left bar) disappears... Could this be related?
[EDIT] That's a Chrome issue- on IE 11 it look fine o_O Will test the username thing on IE and report back [/EDIT]
[EDIT2] Problem does not occur on IE11. Seems Chrome does something with the usertable that IE doesn't?[/EDIT2]

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